Monday, October 7, 2013


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

You cannot expect more from the people around you. As long as they keep on being ignorance, the results will stay the same. Whether they are purposely to act like so or it is some sort of their own habit? Lol. Sometimes, you might think you actually know how a human being really working, thinking, or even all the excuses behind of their so-called as ridiculous actions. Because you keep on believing that all the actions come from their experiences and also the environment that they used to live. You put aside all your judgmental thoughts even though you keep on judging them without their knowing! But the good thing is you not treat them likely as what you judged on them. 

And you end up stricken with guilt and sorry when you knew the whole story behind it. However, with the 'precaution step' that you took earlier really save you in this matter. Whether you realize it or not, people have their own undiscovered stories in their unpublished book of life. The point is, as long as you are not in their shoes, or perhaps might not even fit in their shoes, the feeling of empathy is kind of difficult to be absorbed. You understand and feel sorry on them, anddd that is the only thing you can do. Ya, that's it! You don't feel the pain as what they have been through all this time. So sometimes you have no right to judge what is wrong or right on behalf of others cuz that person may have their own definition about what is right or wrong. But if that matter is absolutely wrong, advice and correct them instead of mocking or insulting them, right?

Some people said, life is simple but yet for me, life is complex with the composition of human itself! Trust me, I just learned anatomy. All the stuff inside our body are really complicated and somehow it got on my nerve whenever I easily forget what I just read before. T_T eg: fontanelle, parietal eminence, anococcygeal raphe and the list go onnn and onnn. Anyhoo,  you see, how precious we are that our God created us in such manner. Complexity makes us unique. Hoho. And unique makes us special. Special makes us precious. And precious makes us such a lovely creature. Lol.

And hey, have a nice day! ^^

p/s: How to get rid of this super annoying warning from chrome about malware in my blog? Any ideas? Because my blog is totally free from malware! Waa. T_T

Why??? T_T
Buruknya tulisann. Ha ha.
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