Thursday, May 30, 2013


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In this world,
there is time when you feel so lonely,
all the people around you are so useless,
- jerk, annoying, ignorant, arrogant,
and you hunger for their absence.

you isolate yourself,
far, far, from the bustling of this life,
far, far, from the pain of the truth.

You become recluse,
"what should I do now?"
you keep on wondering,
the existence of yourself in that place,
you feel that you are no longer belong here.

there is somewhere else that is better for you,
where people can accept who you actually are,
where there is no judgment on your deeds,
where everyone trying to support each others,
instead of judging you and put you aside.

Until one day,
you realized,
this is Allah's plan,
to open up your mind,
to see this world in different perspective,
out of your comfort zone.

And at that time,
you realize,
you are not alone,
Allah is always besides you,
Allah is always besides you, my dear,
hearing all your dua's!

all these things,
that sometimes make you cry,
like a little baby craving for food,
make you become stronger,
strong and stronger,
to face the reality of this life.

it is not an easy task~

p/s: Jumpa puisi (?) ni time kemas2 buku KMB kat rumah. Dah lama rupanya saya tulis, sampai saya sendiri musykil, bila masa entah saya tulis benda alah ni. Aha. Yang pasti masa kat KMB. Heh.
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