Monday, January 27, 2014


Assalamualaikum. :D

Semoga anda sihat-sihat belaka! Tahun 2014 means saya dah 21 tahun. Haha. Rasa macam cepatnya masa berlalu. 21 is a big number! Dah boleh mengundi.

Semakin dewasa ni, semakin terasa cabarannya. 

Banyak benda kena fikir. Banyak benda kena tahu. 

Until at one point rasa macam malas dah nak ambil tahu. 

Dan perkara ini bukanlah hanya tertumpu on life as a student je. 

But as a whole. The life itself! We as a human. 

Too much things to digest. 

And there are lots of things outside there. 

And people don't know which one is the truth. They keep on believing everything that is being shared.

Without knowing the source.

Thus, it will become more confusing at the end.

Best belajar kat sini actually, the feeling when you can learn something that you never know before.

The things that we need to learn become more and more. I wonder how they can discover all those things. Subhanallah.

The way our heart functioning. The way our nervous system sends its electrical impulse. The way our hormones work.

It is really amazing!

It is good to know. But it is hard to memorize it. =,=

But indeed life is like a wheel.

Sometimes you are up. Sometimes you are down. Sometimes you are on top of the world. Sometimes you are at the bottom of the world.

Missing my life as a high school student though. 

The moment when you know there is still usrah conducted here.

During my life at KMB back then, I did not know the exact idea of this kind of thing.

Wanted to be a good muslimah. But there are lots of unexpected things visited.

Somehow taught me to see this world as a whole picture. There are lots of people with different background, perspective, perception.

I'm in dilemma for almost every day. 

And there is no one I can seek for help.

Or maybe I'm not fit into 'that kind of group'? 

Or maybe I'm an introvert person?

Is this just an excuse? 


There are only few Muslims here. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm in different part of the world. Not in Malaysia I mean. Need to communicate with others in English. Everyone here; lecturers, group mates, family study partner and bla3. (kecuali kawan2 seangkatan, hahah)

There is no azan here. There is no mosque here. Glad that they provided us a room to pray. But not as beautiful like KMB's.

But here, I learn what exactly being a Muslim really means. Trying hard to strive.

To please Allah instead of His creations.

Ok, ramai pula yang cakap pasal kahwin. Memang bila dah umur dua puluhan, topik tu sangat feymes eh? Eheh.

Senior nak kahwin la. Kawan sebatch nak kahwin la. 


And as for me, I did plan something but not everything. Eh.

I mean, ada gak la target nak kahwin umur sekian sekian, nak anak berapa, the correct way to educate my children, LOL, bla3. Haha. Peliknya bila tulis benda alah ni.

But sometimes I wonder, who will be my husband? Haha. Tak salah kan nak fikir, kan kan kan. =.=''

I'm not an expert in this area. Huahuahua. 

Kalau aku suka orang pun, I would not tell that person. And just ignore that feeling.

But as I remembered, my teacher said, most of the men want teachers, housewives, golongan yang bekerja ikut office hours as their wife. 

Even male doctors pun prefer nurse. Lol.

Eh, so how about us, a future doctor, insyaAllah, need to work more than 8 hours per day, on call lagi, bla3? 

Faham ke?

Too many wealthy people here.

Peugoet. Mazda. Honda. BMW. Volkswagen. Audi.

They drive those kind of cars.


Can just pay the annual fees to study here in cash! RM 90 000 per year!!! 

It is damn expensive!

Glad that I got scholarship.

Kalau tak, memang takdenya nak study kat sini laaa.

Selalu kan jadi macam ni. Heh.
Ilal liqa'

p/s: Harap sangat dapat buat yang terbaik dalam semua aspek. Sebagai seorang hambaNya, sebagai seorang anak, sebagai seorang pelajar, sebagai seorang rakyat dan sebagai seorang khalifah. Doakan. ^^

2nd p/s: Selamat berpuasa bagi mereka yang berpuasa esok hari. Hoho.
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