Monday, January 28, 2013


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Everyone wants to be a leader,
So that people will obey your words,
But then, who wants to be the followers?
That will ensure your words are fulfilled,
To take the orders and follow the commands.

Everyone wants to voice out their opinions,
Because you want to be heard,
But then, who wants to be the listeners?
That will listen and evaluate on every single of your words,
To give feedback and provide supports.

Everyone wants to be famous,
So that people will acknowledge your works,
But then, sometimes this will make you go astray,
You become riak and ujub,
Now, money becomes your ultimate aim.

Everyone wants to have a good wife/husband,
So that you will live happily ever after,
But then you forget to become a good son/daughter,
That will ensure your parents get the love from you,
To appreciate them and spend time with them.

Everyone wants to enter Jannah,
It shows that you have a happy ending,
But then, you disobeying Allah's commands!
You indulge yourself in a life full of sins,
You forget Akhirah and too obsessed in Dunya!

And yeahh,
Everyone wants to be perfect,
Even though you know that nobody is perfect,
But then, practice makes perfect,
So why must give up?
When you know that Allah is All Merciful.

Dear Alyani Nazirah, don't ever lose hope in the Mercy of Allah.

p/s: KMB here i'm coming. To Final IB exams, please be nice to me, okay. 94 days more, i guess. Pray for my success~ Arghhhhh.
2nd p/s: Rabbi yassir wala tu'assir, ya Kareem. ^^
3rd p/s: Saya tahu, tajuk entry ni pelik. Malas nak fikir pasal tajuk entry ni. LOL. Any ideas? Heh.
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  1. Waha~! Suka suka suka~! Especially dua perenggan pertama tu! Terasa I. Hahah! Really. Terima kasih atas perkongsian peringatan ni.

    Dan Mr.CutieBear dekat sebelah quote tu. Sangatlah adorable. Siap berkanpai lagi. Hahaha.

    P/S: Sometimes I wish my English was as fluent as you guys'. Jelly ok~ Hh.

    1. saya pun terasa juga. ehe.

      my pleasure. :)

      berkanpai? woahh, itu ke berkanpai. first time dengar. hehe. comel kann kan kan?? xD

      p/s: buat apa nak jelly. Apis punya English pun fluent apa. :D


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