Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Assalamualaikum guys.

Hehe. Long time no see.

I'm too busy doing my job here. Not only to become a good doctor, but my ambition is much much bigger than that. My job as His servant to aim the highest Jannah and to meet Him. :')

You know what, there are lots of things that happened in my life that at one point I don't know how to put it into words. Let it lives in my memories as long as it remains. I'm here doing fine and enjoying my Easter break. Actually I got the opportunities to go back home even though I restrained myself for only 5 days. Cuz I already know the drawbacks of doing that - going back home, I tend to be my old me that I would say I don't want to meet the old me anymore.

I think I know the reason. And the fact that I hate the 'unhealthy' environment at my home make me somehow trauma to even spend my holiday time there. But yeah, I feel pity to my mom actually cuz I'm the one she can depend on instead of Allah. And all my siblings that I love so much lillah hi taala.

And my dad too.

In which I don't know whose fault is that.

What makes me still survive is Allah's promise. I want to be the one who will enter His Jannah.

Even though the journey is still long and full of tribulations and surprises, giving up is not an option; hope so and doing my best to achieve mardhatillah.

It is kind of unique as in a Mu'min itself could believe with something that they could never seen which is the unseen world itself. They believe in the existence of heaven and hell. Reward and punishment. And even more than that, the existence of the Mighty Power that control everything in our life. Theory of Everything, heh.

I would say we live in a world that is very unfair and that's why dunia ni penjara bagi orang Mukmin.

But for those who believes with the Hereafter, there will be absolute assurance without being afraid of tyrannized.


p/s: I'm studying for my final exam~!!! Doakan sayaaa. Arigatou gozaimasu. *bowing*

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