Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Maybe because I'm too tired
Not even know what is within
My self

All kind of conflict and dilemma
That are running in me

I don't know what actually makes me tired
Is it a form of escapism?

Maybe yes
But who you are trying to escape from?

The problem is
I'm overthinking about everything
How am I supposed to do?

Hard to be strong in front of everyone
Without realizing I'm actually
Am flying without wing

Everyone seems to have their own struggle
And again maybe that is my fault
Which I'm hesitate to lend my hand
To reduce the burden

Because I'm too selfish?
Am I?

"I have mine also"

The feeling makes me feel exhausted
Feeling like I don't contribute to anything
Where I'm always searching for the Room
As the medium for improvement

Give me time please...

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