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Assalamualaikum. May Allah bless your days. =)

Sorry for being late to update my blog. I really want to tell u about my INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE. Just for fun only. HOHO

Ok, I just finished my interview last Thursday ( 28th Apr) which is held in Anggerik Mall, Shah Alam. Shah Alam? HUH? My father is not really expert about the consequences of the area. Huh. -.- So, he already printed out the map of Shah Alam so we did not get lost. Thanks to MR. GOOGLE! haha

For me, it is my first official interview ever. I'm little bit feel nervous and jittery. I really want the MARA scholarship. Yes, that is what I'm always praying for.

Actually, for this interview, I already prepared it since last year > 2010. HIHI. I'm very excited as I read all blogs related to the tips during interview. So, I already prepared my text why I want to be a doctor Ah, in my mind only not on a piece of paper. Ngee~

Then, it is little bit shocking for me when I knew that the format of this interview has changed. No more individual interview!. I realised it when I read one post about the interview my friend had. So, when she story about the task given by MARA, I thought it is only in her area which is at Terengganu. But, the same story told by the other interviewees which is to build a SPAGHETTI BRIDGE. Sound funny ha? Ya, I thought it is the task for the one who applying for engineering only. My thoughts entirely wrong! So, I bet all the candidates will undergo the same task! ngeh3.

WHAT SHOULD I DO??? wohohoho~
sleep, eat, solat, work~
So, I decided to do some research on how to build a spaghetti bridge. I did it on the day that I will be interviewed! Yela, for the weekdays I have to go to work and there is no time for me to prepare anything. Back from work, I also need some rest ok. Ha! so, a bed and a pillow are most comfortable place for me to relax my mind. muahaha 
Besides, I already prepared all the certificates that are needed two days before. By the way, as usual, MARA requires an essay to be submitted during the interview day. These are the 3 criteria need to be written and included in the essay :
I had to express the idea to produce this essay. Can u imagine that? I did not use my 'brain' for 4 months already. HAHA -.-

Ok, I arrived at there about one and a half hours before the interview start. So, I decided to make new friends there. Then, an old man admonished my dad. So, I get to know that his child is from Alam Shah Science School and being interviewed now. If i'm not mistaken lah. I'm wondering who is his child?hehe~ 

Then, for a past few minutes, his SON finished his interview. HAHA. I asked him about the task given, so the answer is to build a SPAGHETTI BRIDGE! huh, as what I thought. =___=''

Oh, i'm glad to meet my another new friend which her nickname is JELLY. Sound weird right? There is a reason behind her nickname, Malas la nak cerita, it does not important right ? ngeh3 =P So, I practise to speak English with her. Yes, I admit that my way of speaking is suck. Grammar pun berterabur. Ah, practice makes perfect. =)

Ya, she is a nice person and we hope that we will be in the the same group. However, we only plan, Allah determines. She got to be interviewed with panel B while me with panel D and my turn was number 4. =D


1) I was placed with 8 other members. So total for my group members = 9 people. 5 gals * including me and 4 guys. They all from the top schools like MRSM, AMINUDDIN BAKI, ALAM SHAH. ME? i'm proud to say that I'm from SEKOLAH MENENGAH KEBANGSAAN BANDAR DAMAI PERDANA. =)

2) We have to fulfill a task. Build a bridge in the midst of two desks by one kg of spaghetti. MATERIALS : 1 kg of spaghetti, a scissor, and a roll of thread. This task has to be finished in 30 minutes only, but my group already take 15 minutes to plan what the bridge looks like. Actually, there is an argument with my group members about the bridge that we should build. At first we plan to build as a railway, then we have to change our original plan for some reasons T_T.

3) After we had fulfilled the task, the interviewers test our 'bridge'. It does not look like a bridge at all. HAHA. yela, most of my group members are applying in MEDICAL COURSE except for a one guy named MAEL hensem!~ =P who are applying for TENAGA PENGAJAR. None of us are applying for engineering course. So, this is what gonna happen to the bridge. Ngee~ and MOST SURPRISINGLY, our 'bridge' does not collapsed. ALHAMDULILLAH =D

4) Next, the interviewers asked some questions about the bridge. Overall, we all did answer the questions smoothly. For me, I have done my best to my group. And I really satisfied with my cooperation in my group. The example given questions are "If u are given a chance to change the spaghetti to the other things, what things it should be?'' , "are u satisfied with all ur teams?'' , "what do u want to crticize about your group members?'' and etc. So, overall the interview session is about one hour only. Seriously, cepat je masa berlalu. 

5) In a nutshell, just be youtself. I'm glad that i am friendly and sporting. ECECEH, memuji nampak. Don't be too bossy and be natural. You are who you are.  Just be confident and show that you have the determination and enthusiasm to get the MARA scholarship.

6) I admit that, I really love my group. They all are really supportive and sporting. And most importantly, they all are not hypocrite. I'm glad to meet them, and I hope we can see each others in the future. INSYAALLAH.

p/s: Woahhh. I am so glad and relieved. Now, I can sleep well tonight, no more nightmares~! 
The road to SUCCESS is not straight,
There is a curve called FAILURE,
A loop called CONFUSION,
Speed bumps called FRIENDS,
Red lights called ENEMIES,
Caution lights called FAMILY,
You will have flat tires called JOBS,
But if you have a spare called DETERMINATION,
An engine called PERSEVERANCE,
A driver called ALLAH,
You will make it to a place called,

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  1. hye. i will have an interview this friday for ib prgrm at kmb for finance . any advice for me. try comment in my blog to reply.

  2. can I know what was your question during the Qs and As section?

    1. the interviewer asked me:

      If u are given a chance to change the spaghetti to the other things, what things it should be?

      then they also asked:

      who do you think among your group members, are the most suitable to become a leader in your group?

      are you will having an interview soon? all the best anyway~ :D


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