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Ni ada beberapa tips kalau nak selalu tenang dalam hidup. My teacher gave these tips to all of her students, last week.

So, first, my teacher said, if we want our life to always happy and contented, we must compliment THREE people everyday. Is that difficult to apply it in our life?

, remember others birthday, for girls like us, we are the one who will always remember important date like birthday date, anniversary etc. Haha, betul tak? The guys always make many excuses when they forgot about the important date. Neeeh. So, to all my friends you must remember my birthday, bear it in ur mind. =P

07/12/1993> i was born~
Third, when communicate look people in their eye. Ni, bukan nak ngorat2 tau, dok kelip2 mata, berdosa tau! jangan salah faham. When we look people correct to their eye, there will one bond exists between them. Emm, my teacher said, dun look at their mouth, its look like we want to kiss them. Euikk.

Fourth, say 'please' and 'thank you' a lot. This is like, we appreciate them and respect them I always practice this in my life. For instance, ''teacher, may i go to toilet, please~". Haha.

Fifth, learn to play musical instrument, this is what my teacher said.

Sixth, sing in the shower. Haha, my favourite!. Alamak, bocor rahsia, haha. Alaa, nyanyi pelan2 suda, suarakan aurat. My teacher said, this is one method to release tension.

Seventh, plant a tree on your birthday, LOL, to safe our mother nature. Betullah kan? Poor our precious earth, dah makin botak and now, global warming. So, if we love our earth, practice this. It is a right step to safe our mother nature.

Eight, learn three CLEAN jokes. Tak main lah lawak2 kotor, got the idea? haha. Saya tak pandai buat lawak lah, pandai gelak je, haha.

Ninth, return all things you borrowed. Sapa makan gula terasalah manisnya. Kalau dah pinjam barang orang, pandai2 lah kena pulangkan, macam hutang jugak lah.

Sepertimana sabda Rasulullah S.A.W:

"Jiwa orang mukmin tergantung dengan hutangnya, (iaitu tidak dihukum kepadanya selamat atau sebaliknya) sehinggalah dia menjelaskan hutangnya". 
(Riwayat At- Tarmizi)
Nah! it is paramount to settle up our debt.

Tenth, the last one, write 'thank you' notes. For example, if he/she always helps us when we are in need. They are always with us in neither in good nor bad time, always advice us in many aspects etc. It is not possible for us to make one card for them and write THANK YOU.

Haha, that's all. All these are tips for us to achieve a good life in our life. Tepuk dada, tanya iman~ =)

p/s: Scanning for grammar error. Result BI dah dapat, takpe2. Nanti bila dah dapat semua result, saya post kesemua result2 tu, tunggu~

terima kasih, thank you, thocai, nandre, syukran, arigatou, haii!
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